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An appeal from Jamila Al-Habash


The Palestinian women of Gaza are asking us to do our utmost to break the silence on their terrible 7 years under siege. And for those women who can, to come to Gaza on March 8, 2014, International Women's Day. We are leading a delegation of 15 women from March 5 - March 13. Read the call below.


A Call from the Women of Gaza


We invite you to come on March 8th, International Women’s Day, to see firsthand how the Israeli blockade is making life intolerable in the besieged Gaza Strip.  

We, the Palestinian women of Gaza are being forced into isolation by the Israeli policies of apartheid. We continue to live the terrible consequences of the 7-year-blockade and the ongoing occupation of the Gaza Strip. We call on you to stand in solidarity with us to end this unjust, inhumane, and illegal blockade.


As women, mothers, students and professionals, the siege continues to influence every aspect of our lives. The siege is a violation of:

Our right to life, as we continue to be potential targets of frequent Israeli attacks and aggressions, where we are unable to protect ourselves and our families from bombings by Israeli warplanes;

Our right to freedom of movement, as we are left without the possibility of meeting our relatives in other parts of Palestine and without the possibility of traveling outside what has become the largest prison on earth;

Our right to proper access to education, for we cannot pursue our studies outside Gaza;   

Our right to economic security, as we are condemned to poverty—unable to secure a decent life for our families;

Our right to work, which we are deprived of due to increasing unemployment caused by the severe economic restrictions on importing and exporting;

Our right to basic necessities, as we are deprived of adequate access to clean water, electricity, fuel, etc.


We ask you to stand in solidarity with us. Together, let us demand that the world stand up to the apartheid policies that we Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip are subjected to on a daily basis.


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